Monitoring baby’s movement

Monitoring baby’s movement

Pregnancy life of the women:

Pregnancy is the most interesting part of women’s life. Each and every woman will be waiting for this moment at their time. Pregnancy is not so easy thing; the babies will grow in their mother’s womb for 10 months angelcare ac420 review. Some women’s pregnancy will be enjoyable and some others will be not so. They feel vomiting and many health issues too. All pregnancy is not same. The mother needs to tolerate all and enjoy her pregnancy for the healthy baby growth. The mother needs to talk with the baby in her womb, so the baby can actively react to the mother’s voice.

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Movement of babies in the mother womb:

From the 24th week, the baby starts to move in the mother’s womb. The mother needs to calculate each and every moment of the baby with keen. It is the main thing need to be noted by the mother
baby journey. From the 6th month baby will react to the surrounding noises and light passes through the stomach. They will keep rotating and hear the external sound clearly and react to it. Mother’s voice is the first thing that baby can understand and recognize, it more reacts to it than other sounds. The babies can feel the taste of the food too, so if the mother eats sweets it will move to enjoy the moments. During the 7th or 9th month of pregnancy, baby shower function will be done on all countries. All will follow some different way of methods for the function. In that bangle will be wore to the pregnant women because the babies will react to the bangle sound a lot. So, the baby’s movement can be noted easily. We can’t see what the baby is doing inside the womb, only through the movements we can say that the baby is active and healthy. 

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The movements need to be mainly noted on the third trimester than other two trimester because the baby will be well grown during the third trimester and the space will be also less in the womb. The baby can’t move comfortably in the womb. Mostly babies will fix at one place during that time, then only the normal delivery can possible. After fixing of head, the baby’s moment will be less. So, the mother needs to count the movements carefully. The baby should move at least 10 moves in one hour of time. If the baby movement can’t feel over one hour of time, they can try some remedies to make active of the baby. If it is not so, then the couples need to urge the doctor immediately. The baby movements can be dropped by various of reasons such as cord around the baby neck, low water level in the womb, increase or decrease of heart rate, breathing issues, etc., if there is anything the fetal may lead to dead. So once if the mother can’t feel the movements they need to move to the hospital at once. The doctor will find the reason and treat it soon without any delay.